2017 Peer Discussion after NBOA

Tuesday February 28 | Washington, DC


Defining Our Future in Education featuring Grant Lichtman

More than 40 business officers from independent schools came together at the National Press Club for a collaborative discussion at First American’s Peer Discussion after the annual NBOA Conference. Grant Lichtman, who spent 15 years in finance operations and teaching at Francis Parker School in San Diego, led the collaborative discussion by expressing his vision for the future of independent schools.

Click here to view the full presentation by Grant Lichtman.

The content and discussion of the evening was focused on creating a culture of change in independent schools. With a variety of learning options and advancements in technology, it is critical leaders in education transform their systems to meet the needs of the constantly evolving world. 
Grant Lichtman's emphasized schools must shift their operating systems from teaching organizations to learning organizations. Building off Lichtman’s remarks, business officers collaborated on ways they can implement change in their schools. Below are several key themes from the evening's discussion:

  • Evolving the Role of the Business Officer: Lead conversations with faculty, students and parents centered around positive change and innovative ideas for the future.

  • Providing Professional Training: Realize the need for increased funding for faculty development workshops to help them adapt to the changing marketplace that promotes student centric learning environments.

  • Embracing New Learning Methods: Maintain a balance between virtual portals and importance of the physical campus for building face-to-face relationships.

Discussion Resources:

As an influential thought leader in education, Lichtman mentioned several books and articles during his speech. Below is a consolidated list of the resources he referenced.  

About the Peer Discussion:

Each year, we hold a Peer Discussion Event after Education conferences across the country. Through this event, we strive to create a unique forum where business officers can collaborate on key challenges within education that are important to them. 

About Grant Lichtman:

Nationally recognized thought leader in the drive to transform K-12 education, Grant speaks, writes, and works with fellow educators to build capacity and comfort with innovation in response to a rapidly changing world. Click here to learn more about Grant Lichtman. 

About The National Press Club:

The National Press Club is D.C.'s premier location where news breaks and information flows into the world. It is the place where history can be seen in the making. Click here to learn more about The National Press Club.

Click here to view the press release from the 2017 Peer Discussion after NBOA. 

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"This process of how we change and how are we going to differentiate ourselves, it needs to be vastly more expansive and transparent and inclusive and ongoing."

- Grant Lichtman - 

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