Finding a Solution for Campus Growth

Success Story: Tabor College


Tabor College in Hillsboro, Kansas partnered with First American to address the deferred maintenance projects on their campus. With aging buildings and out of date equipment, Tabor College hadn't ever considered lease financing. By working together to develop an operating lease structure for projects that tended to be of a capital nature, Tabor College now has a new partner to help keep their campus current.

"We have an aging campus... There is deferred maintenance that has to be addressed."- Kirby Fadenrecht, SVP



Private, Liberal Arts College


Operating Lease

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Deferred Maintenance

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Tabor College

"First American presented to me an option that I hadn't considered before. The operating lease option was something that I thought applied only to office equipment and hadn't ever considered it for projects that seemed of a capital nature to us."

Kirby Fadenrecht
Sr. Vice President

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