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Implementing Emerging Technologies

Implementing Emerging Technologies


The projection of technology spending in the global higher
education sector is set to exceed $38.2 billion in 20161.

Top 10 Strategic Technologies for Higher Education in 2016 by Gartner

The Challenge:

It is critical that schools provide innovative technology to support enhanced learning opportunities for students in order to gain an advantage in the competitive higher education landscape. A recent study by EDUCAUSE Review identifies one of the biggest challenges facing IT leaders is establishing funding models that support core services so that the school can also focus on growth and innovation.2

According to Vice President and Analyst for Gartner, Jan-Martin Lowendahl, schools must make this a priority; “For institutions to thrive in the increasingly competitive education ecosystem, they must become more innovative and it is often technology that will underpin that innovation.” Funding core services while balancing a commitment to innovation and growth can be difficult and is often one of the largest challenges IT leaders face.

Proactive, Sustainable IT Refresh Models

When it comes to technology, schools often struggle to put funding in place that both supports core services, while also allowing resources to invest in new and innovative technologies. Schools agree that taking steps towards a consistent and predictable funding process is ideal, but many tend to develop funding models that moves them from a reactive process to a more strategic approach.

The Solution: 

Transitioning from a reactive, high risk IT strategy to a proactive, low risk strategy that is consistent and predictable, schools can focus more on innovation and growth to attract and retain students.

IT leaders must find a way to fund core services while also balancing a commitment to innovation and growth. As schools are adapting new technologies – from virtual reality simulation and 3D printing to adaptive learning solutions and smart machines – they are using strategic financing to develop new IT funding models to support innovative growth. By implementing technology renewal programs, schools are finding a way to be more efficient while implementing emerging technologies at reduced costs that will enable new learning opportunities for students.

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